What to Do if Bitten by Raccoon

While having wildlife creatures indicates a diverse and healthy ecosystem, most of them also pose threat to our health and safety. Raccoons are one of the nuisance creatures that have successfully adapted to the urban setting. They are primary carrier of rabies, a completely preventable disease that can be fatal. Once the symptoms of the disease manifest, the disease will no longer be curable. When compared to the other countries, incidence of rabies in the US is uncommon. Unfortunately, it does not necessarily mean that you can no longer acquire rabies from the bite of the raccoon.

How to Determine if the Raccoon is Rabid
If you have been bitten by a raccoon, you need to know if they are infected with the rabies virus. In case you notice a raccoon that is active during the day, it will not immediately mean that they are sick or rabid. Understand that it will be normal for the Vero Beach raccoon to remain active during the day despite of being nocturnal in nature. Pay attention to the behavior of the raccoon before you notify the professionals. For instance, they may appear lethargic and will have trouble in keeping their balance. Raccoons are generally docile creatures. Acting aggressive towards larger animals and humans can be a sign of rabid raccoon. There should also be discharge in their ears, eyes, and nose.

Things to Do If You Have Been Bitten by the Raccoon
Understand that there are no diagnostic examinations to identify if the rabies virus has already invaded your system. There is also no test that will help identify the extent of the damages in your brain caused by rabies. Nonetheless, those who have been bitten by the suspected rabid raccoon should be administered with anti-rabies and tetanus vaccine. The dose of vaccine can differ contingent upon the level of contact on the rabid raccoon.

Prior to the administration of the vaccine, you may also perform first aid procedure. Start by washing the wound with a running water and antibacterial soap. This will prevent bacterial infection. Incubation of the virus will be more varied when compared to other diseases. The average incubation period on human is about few weeks or months. Nonetheless, there are instances when the spread of the virus happened after a couple of days or years.

Healthy Raccoons May Also Bite
It is not rare for the healthy raccoon to bite especially when they are defending their babies or if they feel threatened. However, it will rarely chase something they thought was threatening. Chasing the target is a sign of aggression and this is an unnatural Vero Beach raccoon behavior. It is best to avoid them in case you notice their presence in your yard.

Rabies can be a deadly disease if not provided with the right medical solution. Raccoons are considered primary carrier of this disease. In case you have been bitten by a rabid Florida raccoon you need to obtain the assistance of the professionals working at the health department and the local animal removal service.

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