How We Do It

Solve the Problem - 4 How-To Steps

1 - Home & Attic Inspection

Inspect the exterior of the home, including the roof and all vents, to find out how the animals are getting in. Also inspect inside the attic to identify animal and damage.

2 - Remove the Animals

This process is not simple, and it varies considerably based on animal type and situation. You might use an exclusion door, or a cage trap, or removal by hand.

3 - Repair the Entry Holes

The job is not complete until you solve the source of the problem. Seal shut the entry holes, with professional grade repairs, or else the problem will happen again.

4 - Clean the Attic

In addition to repairing chewed electrical wires and damaged duct work, you might want to remove the animal feces, maybe the insulation, and decontaminate.

As a professional animal removal company, we know the stress and concern that people can have when you start to hear animals scratching in the walls or the attic. Our polite and informative telephone advisers can give you basic advice on dealing with an animal infestation by phone, and we can also give you an estimate for having a professional animal removal technician to help you deal with your animal problem. We know that wild animals don’t take the weekend off, so for that reason we also ensure there our technicians are available to work around your needs. One of our specialties is dealing with snakes, and we have the experience and the equipment to be able to deal with a snake safely and efficiently. We also offer emergency animal removal services, so if you find a snake in your yard or even in your home, we will come out quickly and are able to remove all of the snake species that are present in this part of the country. Our technicians also offer a full clean-up and sanitation service, so once any animals have been removed, we can make sure that area of your home is safe for you and your family.