Do Squirrels Kill Birds, Mice, or Rats?

The squirrels are omnivores; therefore, they will be eating plant and animal-based sustenance. They will also enjoy the taste of insect. The Florida squirrels will not normally eat other animals since they are not predators. However, there are still instances when they will be forced to eat other animals such as mice, birds, and small rats. For instance, during the winter season when there will be a scarcity on food supply, the squirrel will be killing smaller animals.

Will Squirrels Eat Mice
Squirrels are known for their diverse natural diet. When there is enough supply of food, the animals will choose to collect and store food in their stash. This will help them survive in the cold months. However, there are still circumstances when the squirrels will be eating mice. The Vero Beach squirrels will have to store foods that will keep them satiated for 9 months. This creature will not be able to digest the cellulose. Therefore, they will still have to rely on foods that contain high protein and fats. The mice will provide the squirrel with a valuable source of protein when the natural food source is not accessible.

Squirrels Killing Birds
While most people think that the squirrels are herbivores due to their love for seeds, they are omnivores. They will eat meat and insects whenever they find the opportunity to do so. The gray squirrels are known to raid the nest of the birds and eat the eggs and hatchlings. Occasionally, they will also be killing adult birds. They will also dine in on the road kills. Killing birds is not a sign of aggression and will just be a natural behavior of this creature.

Squirrels Fighting Rats
While some people will be disturbed on the sight of squirrel eating a rat, predation and cannibalism is a common nature of this animal. The squirrels will be driven to the behavior of eating the rat when they are hungry. As we mentioned above, it is natural for the squirrels to eat meat. They will either eat a dead rat or kill the rat themselves.

According to the scientific reports, the species of squirrels that are involved in predation include the grey squirrel. Apart from the birds, mice, and rats, they will also eat insects, salamanders, frogs, snakes, voles, chipmunks, and squirrels. Since squirrels will usually raid the nest of the birds, you will probably think that the bird will defend their eggs and hatchlings. However, the adult birds will simply abandon their nest once they’ve been attacked by the Vero Beach squirrels.

Now that you are aware about the predation habit of the animal, you have probably changed your view about this small and cuddly creature. While they may appear tiny and fragile, they are actually great hunters. In fact, in a study conducted to this animal, they discovered that 75% of them contain animal matter in their stomach. Aside from seeds and nuts, they will still need to ensure that they will receive a steady supply of protein to promote growth and development.

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