How Lights Affect the Bats

The bats are probably one of the most misunderstood and misrepresented animals by legends and mainstream media. They are always believed to be harmful creatures that will suck out your blood. Some people also think that they are blind. However, bats actually have good eyesight. When they are flying, you might notice how they are avoiding the artificial light. In this article, we will discuss if the bats avoid light and if the lights have any effect towards them.

Do Bats Avoid Light?
Based on the latest research, the Vero Beach bats will not be attracted on street lights. According to the research that was conducted at university of Exeter at Ireland, they discovered that the activities of the bats in areas with street lights are generally lower compared to dark areas. This has debunked the common misconception that the bats will benefit from the artificial light since they can easily hunt for the insects that are attracted by the light.

Lights Can Be Bad News to Bats
Due to the insects that are clouding the artificial light, people usually think that the bats will have an easy dinner. However, based on the report, they prefer to be active in dark areas. Species of bats such as the common pipistrelle and the common bats will usually avoid artificial lights. Perhaps the only species of the bat that will benefit from the light would be the Leisler’s bat. In the past, we already know that lighting has detrimental effect on Horseshoe Florida bats. Today, we understand that the lighting system also has a direct effect to the ecosystem of the common bats.

Why Bats Avoid Light
While most people will think that bats are blind, they actually have the same eyesight as humans. If you often move in the dark areas and you will suddenly be introduced in a room with blinding lights, the tendency is to close your eyes. It will take time before your eyes will adjust to your new surroundings. The same thing can be said about the bats. Being introduced in an area with bright lights will affect their navigation system. Experts also pointed out that their hunting skill will be reduced when they are close to an artificial light.

Equipping Streetlight with LED Bulbs
In order to avoid attracting the attention of the insects, street lamps are being equipped with LED bulbs. Since they will not release wavelength, insects will no longer congregate near the light. According to the statement of Christian Voigt, the bat can experience array of benefits by introducing LEDs on the street lights.

Some bats conservation system also encouraged the switching off of the lights during the crucial hunting moments of the bats. This will encourage the bats to hunt and ensure that they will receive proper sustenance. Building body fats is essential especially during autumn and latter part of the summer months to guarantee that they will be able to survive the winter. It also ensures the mother bats that they will be able to nourish their young Vero Beach bats properly.

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